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STUPID BIRDS160 viewsTitle says it all, only thing missing is the windex.May 19, 2008
MEXICAN RESTAURANT AD133 viewsHey! Taco Bell.May 19, 2008
RAT ADVERTISING TRIAL140 viewsQuick call Orkin!!!May 19, 2008
OTHER: THE SINGLE DIFFERENCE125 viewsOnward white knight!!!May 19, 2008
HORROR MOVIES269 viewsMaybe next time you will get a Trunk Monkey.May 19, 2008
TRUNK MONKEY FOUR: THEFT RETRIEVAL SYSTEM156 viewsYour ride just been jacked, don't worry when the genuine Trunk Monkey theft retrieval system is on the job. Your ride will soon be back in your driveway, and that crook will be sorry he screwed with your wheels.May 08, 2008
TRUNK MONKEY SIX: MONKEY GIVES FIRST AID260 viewsJust been in a wreck? all screwed up? Don't worry, with a genuine Trunk monkey your life will be in his hands and you will get a real charge out of it.May 08, 2008
TRUNK MONKEY FIVE: MONKEY DELIVERS BABY177 viewsWife pregnant, on your way to the hospital, baby just won't wait, no problem. With your genuine Trunk Monkey on call just push the button any time day or night and the doc will be in, and the baby will be out.May 08, 2008
TRUNK MONKEY THREE: MONKEY BRIBES COP255 viewsJust got pulled over, had a bad day, or a little to much to drink? No problem, just pop the trunk and let your genuine Trunk Monkey take care of the problem. He will show that cop a little green and you won't be going to jail tonight.May 08, 2008
TRUNK MONKEY TWO: MONKEY CHASES KIDS229 viewsHaving a problem with the neighborhood kids throwing stuff at you and other bad behaver, No problem just push the button and let your genuine Trunk monkey put the little thugs in their place.May 08, 2008
TRUNK MONKEY SEVEN: MONKEY DEFEATS ALIENS175 viewsAlone on a dark country road and suddenly the lights get bright, shit starts flying all over the place and next you are staring at E.T. and he's holding something long and shiny. Don't be afraid just push the button and your genuine Trunk Monkey will send E.T. back where he came from before you get probed in all the right places.May 08, 2008
TRUNK MONKEY EIGHT: MONKEY SELLS CARS171 viewsWhat better to help you push some pig iron (today plastic) than a genuine Trunk Monkey. He's slick, cool, and a hit with the ladies, It's a no brainer.May 08, 2008
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